Power in femininity, freedom in sensuality

Our world is in dire need of compassion, tenderness, love and care. And let’s face it, nothing is as powerful as feminine energy to inspire change. We’re not talking about the type of femininity that obliges every woman to sit with her legs crossed, not speak too loudly and always do her nails. We’re talking about the powerful, roaring, sensual, divine side of femininity that we so often seem to forget to celebrate. 

We encourage every body to embrace this energy, without restraints. Because our bodies are true works of art deserving the most beautiful fabrics and designs to highlight their sensuality.

In a world where we seem to have forgotten that we’re all sensual beings at heart and that pleasure is not a sin, we’re here to reconcile you with your femininity in its purest of forms.


Turning old memories into new ones 

We transform the best vintage silks and leftover quality fabrics into new, unique nightwear items. All fabrics are handpicked from various locations in Amsterdam, before being reconstructed to their fullest potential, creating beautiful and delicate new pieces. We believe that these fabrics are not just second-hand textile; they all have a story to tell, and we’re making sure that these stories aren’t lost. 

We stand for the numerous environmental benefits of producing upcycled pieces. Upcycled items use significantly fewer raw materials, reducing harmful impacts on our planet. This also means less water usage, fewer chemicals and carbon emissions, and, not least of all, no contribution to the fashion landfill.


Handmade with love, for the sake of love

Seventy percent of our collection is handmade, with love and care for every detail, using vintage leather, silk and leftover high-quality materials sourced in Amsterdam. The remaining 30% is a small collection produced from sustainable materials in Europe. In this way we’re challenging existing production and wholesale models, aiming to move the fashion industry closer to a zero-waste model.

Making lingerie by hand can be considered as an age-old craft that allows us to infuse even more love into our pieces than any machine-driven production could ever. It also enables us to create designs that highlight the sensuality and femininity of the body the way we envision it, rather than conforming to traditional norms. The final product is a luxurious, soft, and beautiful piece, ready to create a lifetime full of memories with you.